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From the garden to your home, same day harvested organic certified food

Every week our valued customers receive organic fresh food baskets delivered direct from the countryside to their homes. Certified fresh organic quality food basket from local producers CCPAE CT/ 003477 / P. These artisan farmers work the land as their grandparents did, with a focus on biodiversity and sustainability and by refusing to use chemical products and pesticides. Just local & seasonal fruits and vegetables. Less imported food, packaging, plastic and chemicals. Buying directly from local farmers who work in a sustainable way is voting for the type of future you want.

We are striving to make this service as convenient as possible for you. Please send us your suggestions.

Made with ❤︎ in Barcelona

Hi! I am Marina Figueroa, I try to make it easier for everyone to have a more sustainable and environmental friendly life. I have visceral respect and love for mother nature; I feel very satisfied supporting local producers and ecologic agriculture, knowing that my clients are enjoying very good food, while we all are respecting the environment. This is what I want to do. One day, times of eating "plastic food" will be gone and I will be very proud to have contributed to this goal.

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Local Producers: Parc Agroecològic de Gallecs, Can Jornet, Can Ginesta, Cal Mama CCPAE CT/ 003477 / P

Top restaurants enjoy our food too

If you are a restaurant, please contact us at +34 639 550 673

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Order the Big basket or the Office one, and get a subscription gift! We will bring you the best fresh organic quality food from local producers every week. Check our complete list of products here, we would like to know your preferences!

No hidden fees, the delivery service is included in the upfront price. After purchase, we contact customers ASAP to arrange optimal delivery times.In order to fully appreciate our organic service, each subscription option requires an initial 4-week commitment, after which customers can cancel at any time.... but we added a trial basket. One week only, no commitment.Need to pause your delivery service for a week (Vacation etc.)? No problem! Just let us know 5 days in advance and then restart your fresh food service at any time!We can customize your basket. Please tell us about your preferences. Click here

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Marina Figueroa with Isidre del parc Agroecològic de Gallecs